Explore the River City Apartments 93.2 m2

 Currently, the project was officially opened River City sold the first apartment block with extremely attractive price is only about 1.39 billion / 2-bedroom apartment. Model house project attracted hundreds of people visit every day and win customers first sight. Delicate coordination between the space to excellent, colors and materials follow trendy aesthetic value. An elite lifestyle worthy of pride. Let's explore the River City Apartments 93.2 m2 area right now.

With an area of ​​moderate, River City apartment has an area of ​​93.2 m2 is designed optimally with 2 bedrooms and 1 office, when necessary can be converted into 3rd bedroom is extremely convenient for users true.

Make the most beautiful views in the most expensive locations District 7, all balconies and windows are fitted with toughened glass, from any apartment can also enjoy panoramic Phu My Bridge sparkling at night, reflected the Saigon river as a symbol of luxury, glamor and splendor.

Recipes flair made it hard not inside the apartment cleverly combines between bass tones and the dotted mainstream of metallic materials. Class luxury comes from the simplicity of these criteria is the architect.

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