River City - Ideal Choice for multi-generation family

 A good space for children to grow up, a peaceful place, relaxed for elderly vivre, a fully equipped to meet all the needs of young people is a desirable place of residence of all families . However, very little real estate project can meet every need that right within the project. Meet the needs of "all in one", River City Apartments District 7 is becoming the focus of attention among a series of projects being offered for sale apartments today.

 For elderly vivre
At River City Apartments, the elderly are entitled to choose their own space for nursing students as dormitories, parks playing chess, yoga area, a garden retreat.


Besides the establishment of the community club where older people to actively participate in the exchanges, as a bridge between them and the outside world. Thanks to that, they live happy healthy lives just as beneficial owner has created enthusiasm.

Comprehensive development environment for children

Residents living in the River City can fully assured of living and learning environment for children by the exterior utility rich area. Future generation projects enjoy an excellent education system, comprehensive international school system from kindergarten to university in District 7.

Moreover, River City also play area for children, indoor, outdoor swimming pool, ... they can help develop a comprehensive, freely express personality in an open space, in cold.
Comfortable life for young couples

River City apartment absolutely ideal for a young couple when available all facilities fully converged in this small city. From entertainment, shopping, to the living quarters, collective exchanges.


River City Apartments with many different areas are designed in harmony with nature, satisfying all the needs of a multi-generation family sworn family living together, while ensuring respect for private space of individuals, for allowing all members to enjoy a peaceful life and efficiency of renewable energy between the busy pace of life.

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