Vacation Rental in Las Vegas

With a private outdoor pool with spa sparkle in the back yard and conveniently located just 5 minutes away from the charm of the famous Las Vegas Strip, this house ensures a Las Vegas getaway you will not forget any time What soon!


Project Overview
The total project area: 27.1 ha
Functional areas
Residential land: 14.6 ha
- Townhouses Land area: 6.1 ha
- Land with garden townhouses: 7.3 ha
- Detached house Land: 1.5 ha
- Detached villa Land: 1.4 ha
Project size: 1,264 Background
Townhouse trade +: 530 background
+ Townhouse Garden: 631 background
+ Villa Duplex: 62 Background
+ Single villas: 41 Background
Public land: 1.6 ha
Green land: 4.0 ha
Land transport: 6.8 ha
Total investment: 465 723 billion

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