Sell apartments in Angia Star

Price:799 triệu


Address: Tan Binh , TPHCM

Trend: East - south

Date Posted:2016-07-26 03:39:50

 An Gia Star - Apartment adjacent Dam Sen, District 11, Tan Phu, Binh Tan just 10 minutes can reach residents in Tan Phu Celadon areas, business center Aeon Mall Tan Phu, Binh Tan and Aeon Mall most crowded residential area in Binh Tan - Rocket Residence.

Internal Rate ***, with all the low-middle-high floor, particularly in the investor only Invesment An Gia.

An open sale last 50 Gia Star Apartments best, extremely good policy ever, chances are cheap to own homes, about to get home. Investment opportunities without worries:

Payment Policy 25% received only the single-investor in An Gia Star:
1. Having before 200tr, 100% interest free, until receiving the contribution 7tr / th.
2. Commitment to lease 8tr / th / 2 years.
3. Commit to invest at a profit of 10% at the time of entering the house.
4. Give free management for 15 years.
5. Discounting 45 million.

*** For apartment owners 2BR, 1VS / 2VS, 1 kitchen, 1 living room. Just before 200tr, up contract of sale. Investor support 100% interest until you get home, customers do not need to pay any money beyond 200tr until getting apartments.
Note: For assistance records, installment, price, customer discount please contact Investor An Gia: 0909,77,44,05 (24/7 support).

*** The area from 50m2-65m2-68m2, designed 2BR-2BR-2VS 1VS and all have a balcony ventilation, and the corner of internal interest from investors An Gia.

*** Furniture Angia Star complex Imex imports Japanese brand, tag words and very safe for Video Call of you when there is a small baby or elderly parents.

*** About gadgets: With 50m swimming pool Lappool Olympic and superlative standards of Tan Phu-Binh Tan district, the gym, supermarket, swimming pool view, the hilly landscape, sport and entertainment will please him / her .

If he / she had before 200tr, and need to find a home for your family, do not hesitate to phone me immediately: 0909.77.44.05 brother named Autumn - Chamber Business 01 - An investor Gia.
(Commitment to browse records fast, enthusiastic consultants).
Next-intentioned person, provided to intermediaries, brokers.

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