Contract concessions business center rooms for rent, Tan Binh District

Price:19 triệu/tháng

Area:Không xác định

Address: Tan Binh , TPHCM

Trend: East

Date Posted:2016-07-27 10:01:40

 Contract concessions business center rooms for rent, Tan Binh District - now the airport area.

I need to transfer business contracts leasing luxury rooms in the heart of Tan Binh District, suitable for office workers want 02 income or who do not have time and do not want to work full time would like to have semi-passive income.
- Net income: 15.2 million / month, including about 16 million words service / month. Rents 19 million / month. His party had rented the house, set up, equipped with full amenities and rental of all rooms, just managing and collecting monthly passive income and stability in 07 years.
- Structure: The ground floor consists of 1, 4 floors.
- Of which: 09 bedrooms, 09 bathrooms, a fully equipped very upscale, very beautiful new buildings and modern.
Has set up pre-equipped power meter, water meter, fiber optic internet and premium interior.
- Now have steady business. Profit of 16 million / month. Nearly 07-year contract - 3 Income from about 1 billion in 07 years.
- Price to: 277 million VND (including furniture and piles).

Total proceeds of the 07-year 1 billion 300 million. Rate of Return of 70% / year (12 times higher savings interest rate banks only about 6% / year).
Leased area located in the heart of the airport, convenient travel demand should be very high demand.
Notary directly with the landlord, nearly 07-year contract.

- Business safety and stability with attractive profit margins, customers complete peace of mind.

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